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Postmates is the name of service for delivering food and meals from restaurants that were created in America in 2011 and were bought by Uber in 2020. Initially, the service worked exclusively with stores but has grown into a huge network that is now available in several large cities.

Meaning and history

Postmates Logo history

The main difference between Postmates and its many competitors is that here you can order not only food and alcohol but anything from the store shelves. The service was bought by Uber in 2020, even though the company had already launched its restaurant meal delivery project, UberEats.

What is Postmates?

Postmates is one of the most successful delivery services, which is owned by Uber since 2020. The service works with orders from the restaurants and stores (which is not always food and beverages) and is known as the courier service, most loved by Hollywood celebrities.

Postmates is loved by American celebrities, and they even give the app free advertising, as the level of service received is truly impressive. You can order just one fruit from the store or a dozen of cakes, and be sure everything is delivered in time and in a perfect state.

Of course, the visual identity is one of the most important things for the service provider of such category, and here Postmates showed itself as a very intuitive brand, as the original logo, created in 2011, is still in use by the company today.

 2011 – Today

Postmates Logo 2011n

The original Postmates logo was designed in 2011 and is still used by the brand as the primary logo version today, even though there were some additional badges created for the service throughout the years. The Postmates badge is a monochrome drawing of a boy on a bicycle, with a box attached to the handlebar. The boy is wearing a cap and a short waving coat. Behind the bicycle, there are three solid five-pointed stars placed forming a triangle pointing down. And that is it, no lettering, no color accents.

2011 – 2012

Postmates Logo 2011

Another version of the logo, created in the same year and only used for a few months, was a bit more complicated in terms of composition. It was a circular badge, divided into two parts: the upper one in light gray, with a red bridge, peeking out from the cloudy white frame of the bottom black parts of the badge, where the white figure of a courier was accompanied by three white stars. The emblem was set above the uppercase logotype, set in a slightly narrowed modern sans-serif typeface.

2012 – 2018

Postmates Logo 2012

With the redesign of 2012, the contour of the joy on a bicycle was set on the left from the bold and stable sans-serif “Postmates” inscription, set in the same color and with its modern and heavy letters slightly narrowed. It was a very well-balanced logo, which looked stylish, yet serious and professional, and evoked a sense of reliability and security, even though the graphical part of the badge is light and playful.

2018 – Today

Postmates Logo

The badge, created in 2012, was slightly refined in 2018. It was more about accents, as the only change applied to the emblem is the sizing: the logotype became smaller, while the graphical part was enlarged. And this simple mode made the whole badge fresher and added a sense of motion and energy.