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Jacuzzi is an Italian brand of home spas and bathtubs manufacturing company, which was established in 1915. Today the company is headquartered in California and operates worldwide, being the most famous producer and distributor hot tubs and pools across the globe.

Meaning and history

Jacuzzi Logo history
The company, named after its founders, Jacuzzi brothers, became the world’s leading manufacturer of whirlpool bathtubs and spas in no time. Today the brand’s name is used for almost all the hot tubs and portable spas, no matter who the manufacturer is. But the real Jacuzzi brand is still on the top of the world’s pedestal.

The Jacuzzi logo is minimalist yet instantly recognizable. Despite being the American brand, you still can feel the Italian style and sophisticated design in the company’s visual identity.

The label’s logo is composed of a wordmark, which is enclosed in an oval frame. Some of the versions are executed in a monochrome palette, while others use silver and gold combination or a brighter one — blue and white. The earlier versions of the Jacuzzi logo were executed in the black and yellow-gold color scheme.

19.. – 1965

Jacuzzi Logo 1900s

The original Jacuzzi logo was composed of a bold uppercase wordmark in a modern sans-serif typeface, I closed it into a horizontally-stretched oval frame in a double thin outline. The composition was set in a blue and white color palette, representing water and freshness.

1965 – 1900s

Jacuzzi Logo 1965

The redesign of 1965 has switched the concept of the Jacuzzi badge, redrawing it in a monochromatic palette. The new logo was based on a bold title case lettering in a handwritten serif font, enclosed into a thin frame with an open contour, and an end drawn as a swirl and decorated by numerous bubbles. The inscription was underlined by the “Whirlpool Bath” tagline in small caps.

1900s – 2005

Jacuzzi Logo 1980s

After another redesign, the Jacuzzi badge got placed on a solid yellow banner in a shape of a horizontally-stretched oval. The contours of all elements got cleaned up and refined, with the serif typeface becoming more stable and professional.

2005 – 2014

Logo Jacuzzi

In 2005 the company has introduced a new version of the logo, with the yellow banner getting a voluminous silver frame, and the logotype being rewritten in the same silverish glossy palette. All the additional elements were moved from the composition.

2014 – Today

Jacuzzi Logo

All three color palettes of the brand’s logo, that are in use today, are pretty simple and look elegant, yet eye-catching and memorable. The colors harmonize the style of the lettering and make the Jacuzzi badge look complete and balanced.


The brand’s nameplate is executed in a custom typeface, with some unique details. The bold serif font of the inscription has old-fashioned shapes and lines, and solid sleek dots above the letter “I” and on the tail of the “J”, resembling bubbles. The distinct and strict contours of two “Z”s add sharpness and style to the inscription, while the diagonally cut bottom parts of “J” and “U” create a sense of elegance and playfulness.

The signature typeface is unique and recognizable, perfectly reflecting the strong brand’s individuality and special approach to the design and manufacturing of its products.


The company, established by seven Italian brothers, who came to the United States, was family-owned until the 1970s. The legacy of talented engineers, who worked in the aviation industry before founding the today-famous brand, still lives and grows.

Jacuzzi brothers started daubing and producing hydraulic agricultural pumps at the beginning of the 1900s, later they invented the underwater jet and started using it in bathtubs.

Today the company design and manufactures bath and plumbing products, including whirlpool bathtubs, various spas, shower cabins, and sanitary ware. Jacuzzi also offers professional drainage systems, water control, commercial faucets, and a wide range of plumbing products for both residential and commercial use.

The Jacuzzi company consists of several brands, including Jacuzzi itself, Sundance, Zurn, and Astracast. All the brands are distributed worldwide and have a perfect reputation, based on a high-quality and exclusive design of its products.