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ADO Furniture is a Lithuanian company specializing in various products that can make a home or office more comfortable. The range includes anything from sofas, armchairs, and poufs to sideboards, side tables, make-up tables, and desks. You can also find beds and mirrors on offer.

Meaning and history

Ado Logo history

The name of the company is the centerpiece of the ADO logo. There are no pictorial elements that can hint at the industry the company belongs. That’s because the wordmark itself already includes the explanation.

What is ADO Furniture
The private company ADO Furniture is based in Lithuania. In addition to products from the “Standard” line, the brand also offers a range of tailored and customized solutions within their “Bespoke” line.

2003 – 2019

Ado Logo old

You can come across an older logo, where the word “ADO” is the only element. You will see neither an emblem nor the word “Furniture” here.
Moreover, even the type used for the name is remarkably simple and straightforward. While the glyphs are perfectly legible, they have nothing unique. Due to this, the logo isn’t in actuality recognizable.

2019 – present

Ado logo

This version is a step forward in many respects.
For one, the type has grown more memorable due to the distinctive “A.” Interestingly, while adding an individual touch to the wordmark, the glyph doesn’t make it cluttered. That’s because the unique style is created not by adding decorative details but by removing some of the structural elements, which can be sacrificed without making the character illegible. The letters “D” and “O” have a classic design, though, lest there be an overload of unusual details.
Also, the lower part of the “A” resembles an item of furniture (an armchair or a chair, for instance) thus creating a link with the product range.
Even more importantly, the lettering “Furniture” was added below. It is separated from the upper part of the ADO Furniture logo by a long and thin horizontal line, which provides a dynamic touch. The line is in actuality formed by the extended top bar of the “F” – something not obvious unless you take a closer look. This approach strengthens the “furniture” theme.
The second word is necessary to explain what type of company the logo belongs to as there are no other straightforward indications.


The website icon is a truncated version of the logo. Naturally, it features the most characteristic part of the design, the “A.” The glyph is placed inside a white square box.

Colors and font

The simplicity of the black-and-white palette chosen by the brand offers maximum flexibility for using the wordmark in any type of background.
Both the types used in the ADO logo are clean and unobtrusive, with classic proportions and without the serifs. The word “Furniture” features smaller letters, although they are still uppercase.