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Posteo is the name of an independent email service based in Germany focused on sustainability, security, privacy, and usability. The service is completely ad-free and they protect their users’ privacy with an innovative encryption and security model.

Meaning and history

Posteo is an email service provider with quite a long history hence a huge experience. Today the service, founded in Germany, has millions of users all over the world and is available in more than 60 languages, which makes it easy to operate. In terms of visual identity, Posteo has found its bright and eye-catching logo concept really fast and stuck to the emblem, created shortly after the brand establishment.

2009 – Today

Posteo Logo

The Posteo logo is built on the idea of simple clean lines and a bright juicy color palette. A lime-green background with a white inscription on it works as an instantly-recognizable emblem, which also evokes a very friendly and happy feeling.

There are two options of the Posteo logo, which are used by the company depending on the placement. The full, main version of the Posteo badge features a horizontally oriented rectangular in lime-green, with the bold uppercase logotype set diagonally along its bottom border. The inscription follows two white slash lines, slanted to the right, and finishes with the large solid dot, which can be drawn in white or orange.

The same white-orange color alternation is also applicable to the shortened version of the Posteo badge, where only one letter “P” is written after two slash lines and before the dot. This shortened emblem can be seen in a square or circular shape, depending on the needs of the brand.

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