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The University of Portland in Portland, Oregon, sponsors around 15 varsity teams competing in the West Coast Conference at the NCAA Division I level.

Meaning and history

Portland Pilots logo history

The inception of the Portland Pilots traces back to the establishment of the University of Portland in 1901, marking the beginning of a journey rich in athletic tradition and achievement. The Pilots, as the university’s representatives in the realm of sports, have carved out a distinctive legacy, particularly in the field of soccer. Their crowning achievements include the women’s soccer team’s triumph in the NCAA championships of 2002 and 2005, milestones that not only brought glory to the team but also significantly enhanced the university’s stature in the competitive world of college sports. Beyond soccer, their prowess extends to other sports such as cross country and track and field, where they have consistently shown remarkable performance. Presently, the Portland Pilots stand as a beacon of athletic excellence, upholding the University of Portland’s legacy with their persistent dedication and outstanding achievements in NCAA sports.

What is Portland Pilots?
The Portland Pilots embody the athletic spirit of the University of Portland, competing in NCAA Division I with a notable emphasis on soccer. Their identity is intertwined with a legacy of excellence, particularly highlighted by the women’s soccer team’s national accolades. The Pilots represent a tradition of competitive sportsmanship and a commitment to maintaining high standards in collegiate athletics.

1992 – 2005

Portland Pilots Logo-1992

While the old Portland Pilots logo was rather intricate, the current one has a more minimalistic and sleeker look.

The emblem used in 1992-2005 featured a ship’s wheel with an anchor inside. Over it, the word “Pilots” was written in an elaborate font imitating handwriting.

2006 – 2014

Portland Pilots Logo 2006

In 2006, the school adopted a logo depicting a large “P.”

2014 – Today

Portland Pilots logo

The letters had a soft outline and looked pretty abstract.In 2014, it went through a subtle update.

Portland Pilots Colors

HEX COLOR: #1E1656;
RGB: (30,22,86)
CMYK: (98,100,0,43)

RGB: (94,106,113)
CMYK: (45,27,17,51)

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