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Pitchup revolutionized the outdoor holiday booking process, catering to campers and caravanners globally. It’s a market leader, helping 9 million holidaymakers from 178 countries find over 5,588 sites in the UK, Europe, and the Americas. Celebrated in media like The Times and maintaining a high customer service rating, Pitchup simplifies discovering the perfect outdoor stay​​.

Meaning and history

Pitchup.com was established in 2009 to simplify booking outdoor accommodations such as campsites, caravan parks, and glamping sites. It has since become the premier online booking platform for outdoor holidays. The company has not publicized any major changes in ownership, indicating a stable management structure. With a mission to enrich the camping experience by providing not just bookings but also local activity information, Pitchup.com has grown extensively. It now features over 5,588 sites across the UK, Europe, and the Americas and has served 9 million holidaymakers from 178 countries. The company has earned accolades and high customer service ratings, reflecting its success and popularity​​.


Pitchup logo

The logo depicts a playful and textured design, symbolizing the essence of outdoor adventures. It features an overlapping tent motif, forming a triangular shape with a pine tree and a stylized mountain range. An orange sun peeks from behind, suggesting dawn or dusk. The imagery within the tent silhouette signifies a connection with nature. The brand name “PITCHUP” is written below in earthy-toned, rugged letters that convey a sense of the outdoors. The entire logo embodies the spirit of camping, the great outdoors, and the joy of discovering the natural world through travel and exploration.