CSCEC, or The China State Construction Engineering Corporation, is the largest company in the country in its field. Established in 1957, today the company, headquartered in Beijing, has its subsidiaries all over the globe and takes part in the loudest and most significant building projects in the world.

Meaning and history


CSCEC logo

As a construction company, CSCEC has its visual identity built around geometry, simplicity, quality, and stability. The logo of the Corporation hasn’t been changed much throughout history, and this is more than understandable — CSCEC was one of those lucky, who managed to find the perfect design in the very beginning.

The Corporation logo is composed of a solid blue square with white lettering on it, and a black elegant inscription in Chinese, which is sometimes placed under the emblem. The inscription is just the name of the company in its native language.

As for the main part of the visual identity — the blue and white banner — it is an example of pure geometry. The square sans-serif letters in white are set on a blue background and all written in the upper case, but with the first and last letters in a smaller size, while the “SCE” and stretched vertically.

Font and color


CSCEC emblem

The CSCEC logotype is executed in a custom sans-serif typeface with straight square shapes and lines, distinct cuts, and angles. The white letters of the inscription all look solid and resemble bricks and pillars, used for the construction of massive structures and buildings. Stability and safety are the words, which come to mind first when you see this emblem.

The combination of light blue and white colors softens and balanced the brutality of shapes in the logotype, adding friendliness and even tenderness to the massive masculine letters. Blue is a color of professionalism and confidence, white is here for loyalty and transparency.

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