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Volcano Bay is an entertainment water park, opened in 2017 in Florida, USA. The park was built by Universal and is one of the most popular touristic destinations in America.

Meaning and history

Volcano Bay Logo history

The Volcano Bay visual identity is built around the Karakatu symbol. It is a 60meters high artificial volcano, placed in the middle of the amusement park.

The Volcano Bay logo is composed of a wordmark with the Karakatu image above it.

The all-caps lettering of the nameplate is executed in a modern serif typeface which is similar to Screwby Extra Condensed Bold, with its uneven lines and jumping letters. The light blue color of the inscription reflects the specialty of the park — water entertainment activities.

2017 – 2023

Volcano Bay Logo 2017
The lettering “Universal’s Water Theme Park” features smaller size and placed above and beyond the “Volcano Bay” wordmark, executed in the same color, but in a different, sans-serif typeface.

The Karakatu emblem is drawn in bold simple lines of green and two shades of blue. The green volcano silhouette is accompanied by a curve of the wave, coming out of the blue wordmark.

The blue and green color palette of the Volcano Bay logo looks bright and friendly, evoking a sense of reliability, loyalty, and fun. It is a nice and strong logo, which is modern and confident.

2023 – Today

Volcano Bay logo
The 2023 logotype features a 3D redesign of a largely the same composition. It now features a big wave organized in a largely ball-like shape, with water given a very detailed appearance. Above it is the same image of a volcano as in the previous logotype, although this type in the form of the 3D model and colored golden.
Beneath it and in front of the water part, they’ve put the word ‘Universal’ in a similar style to the volcano above it. Even beneath are the words ‘Volcano Bay’, which also look similar, but use a completely different font (a less conventional one) and colored in silver grey. They are also much bigger.

Font and Color

The fonts used for the latest logotype include a rather bland style for ‘Universal’ and a lot more artsy one for the name proper. It features a lot of unusual shapes and generally has an original design for every letter.
The company uses a myriad of colors for their current logotypes, including golden, silver grey and blue. Previously, they’ve only stuck to light blue and lime green.

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