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Founded in 1956, the Canadian Football League is currently considered the highest level of competition in Canadian football. The Canadian Football League logo has gone through at least four major overhauls.

For most of its history, there have been a football and a leaf. While the leaf dominated the original CFL logo, it grew smaller on the two logotypes used from 1969 to 2015. On the earliest logo, the leaf combining orange, yellow, and green looked rather realistic. It was placed over a baseball housing the lettering “CFL” and surrounded by a blue ribbon with the full name of the league.

Canadian Football League logo history

The following emblem (1969-2002) featured a red leaf over a white helmet with a black outline. The text “CFL” could be seen over the leaf. On the logo used from 2002 to 2015, the lettering was black, and there was a red football flying above it. Behind the football, the red leaf could be seen.

1955 — 1968

Canadian Football League Logo 1955

1969 — 2002

Canadian Football League Logo 1969

2002 — 2015

Canadian Football League Logo 2002

2015 — Today

Canadian Football League logo

On the current emblem, only a part of the leaf is present, while the football is absolutely abstract – there’s only a hint (the black seam on the top). The palette combines black, grey, and red, the traditional color of the Canadian maple leaf. This version of the CFL logo also houses the full name of the league in French.