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Panavision is the name of the company from the United States, which was established in 1953 and specialized in the production of high-quality equipment for motion pictures. The lenses and cameras of Panavision are used by professionals all over the world.

Meaning and history

Panavision logo

The Panavision visual identity looks modern and sleek despite its minimalist design and lack of colors and elements. This is a vivid example of “the less the better” and its elegant and chic logo is also very futuristic due to the clean geometric lines.

The logo of the leading motion picture equipment manufacturer is composed of three horizontally stretched rectangles in different sizes, placed once inside another. The smallest figure, in the middle of the logo, has its corners rounded and horizontal bars — slightly arched, which makes the whole composition resemble a camera lens.

The wordmark is placed inside the biggest rectangle, overlapping the two smaller ones. It is executed in a custom italicized sans-serif, with stylish geometric lines and an elongated tail of the letter “P”.

The clean and sharp contours of the lettering balanced the rectangular composition of the logo, making it look progressive and energetic. While the italicized font adds delicacy and elegance.

The Panavision logo has it all — strength, sophistication, style, and character. Though it is executed in a simple monochrome palette, it looks remarkable and stunning.