HKS Logo


The heavy, rectangular shapes dominating the HKS logo symbolize the reliability of the products manufactured by the company.

Meaning and history

HKS Co., Ltd. is a Japanese brand focusing on the production and sales of aftermarket and accessory automotive parts and components. The headquarters are based in Fujinomiya, Shizuoka Prefecture.

The history of the brand started in 1973. It was founded by Hiroyuki Hasegawa and Goichi Kitagawa, while the money was provided by Sigma Automotive. The name “HKS” is the combination of the initials of the founders’ names (Hasegawa, Kitagawa) and the name of the company that has provided the money.

HKS Logo

The logo if formed simply by the characters “H,” “K,” and “S,” each placed inside a black rectangle. The rectangles are separated from each other by gaps. The letters belong to a minimalist sans serif type. It is based on rectangular shapes, which is especially obvious in the case of the “S,” where the regular circle-based curves have been replaced by slightly rounded square angles.


The colors of the HKS logo depend on that of the background. When the emblem is placed over the black background, the squares are white, while the letters are black. In case the emblem is placed over the white background, the squares are black, while the glyphs are white.