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The history of Petit Bateau started in 1893 in Troyes, not far from Paris, France.

Meaning and history

Petit Bateau Logo

Can you find anything that the Petit Bateau logo has in common with the Puma logo? While they look absolutely different, both of them were created using the same approach: they illustrate the name of the brand.

As you may know, in translation from French, “Petit Bateau” means a “Small Ship.” So, while the emblems of many other brands do not directly correlate with their names (Hermes, Chanel, Gucci, to name just a few), the Petit Bateau logo is basically a small ship. The navy blue seems a perfect fit for the marine theme.

The reason why the company has such a name and logo hides in its history. In 1918, Etienne Valton, the son of the founder, cut the legs of the long underpants popular in that era creating the famous cotton children’s pants. He was inspired by the rhyme «Maman les p’tits bateaux qui vont sur l’eau ont-ils des jambes?» (“Mom, Do not the little boats on the water have legs?”).