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Zoe Karssen is a Dutch clothing studio, founded in 2009 by the namesake stylist. Most of their clothes are premium products with creative, although not colorful designs. They only use black, white, beige and occasional warm colors, such as burgundy red or green. There are only a small number of brand stores in Western Europe.

Meaning and History

The brand was created in 2009 in Amsterdam. Currently, they also have stores in Luxembourg and Belgium, which means 100% of their shops are in Benelux. This brand sells luxury products, judging by prices and quality. But a lot of their designs are far from the classy options you expect from premium providers.

2009 – Today

Zoe Karssen Logo

Their logo is the brand’s name written in a black serif typeface. The letters are capitalized, and they have larger gaps in between. The colors can change: for instance, they often put it on the black background, which means the letters should be white.