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The Ralph Lauren logo is an example of an emblem that has stood the test of time. Unveiled in 1974, it has hardly changed since then.

What does the Ralph Lauren logo represent?
The iconic logo of the American fashion house Ralph Lauren depicts a polo player executed in black with white accents, placed above the uppercase lettering in a fancy serif typeface. The polo player stands for excellence, luxury, and nobility, the features, which distinguish the brand from its competitors. The emblem also depicts the heritage of the brand, which started its path from the production of clothing for polo sports.

Meaning and history

Ralph Lauren Logo

Although the history of the Ralph Lauren brand started with men’s ties in 1967, in fact it was the polo shirt introduced in 1972 that provided it a prominent place in the history of fashion. The logo featuring a polo horseman could be first seen in New York newspapers in 1974. Very soon it started to appear on clothes of the line, too.

Current symbol

symbol Ralph Lauren

The center of the Ralph Lauren logotype is the iconic image of a polo player on a horse. He is holding his club high, as if preparing for a stroke. From both sides of it, the name of the company in an all-cap font is placed.

Variations of the emblem

emblem Ralph Lauren

Although the standard, official Ralph Lauren logo has always been the same, the company may omit some of the design elements depending on the type of the apparel the emblem appears on. Formal clothes (suits, for instance) typically do not bear the polo player emblem as it does not go too well with this style. The range of casual or sporty clothes, by contrast, is an excellent way of displaying the famous logotype. However, the wordmark itself, in this case, may seem excessive, so it is removed.


Font Ralph Lauren Logo

The wordmark features a customized Roman style font. The serif font comprises thick and thin strokes. This choice can be partially explained by the fact that the brand managers wanted the label to appear more traditional, established in spite of its relatively young age.


Color Ralph Lauren Logo

Black, which is the official color of the emblem, emphasizes the brand’s core characteristics: simple, elegant, classic. However, when the emblem appears on the clothes, the color may be changed so as to retain visual harmony. Also, the logotype cannot use several colors at once, it is always monochromatic, no matter what color it is.

polo ralph lauren logo

What is the difference between Ralph Lauren and Polo?
Polo by Ralph Lauren is the name of one of the lines, owned by the Ralph Lauren brand. This is a more affordable label, with simpler and sportier clothing and accessories, mostly known for its colorful polo t-shirts.

Who invented the Polo logo?
The iconic Polo by Ralph Lauren logo was designed by a famous tennis player with French roots, Rene Lacoste. The first version of the logo with a polo player was introduced in the middle of the 1970s, a few years after the establishment of the company.

Is it Ralph Lauren or Ralph Lauren?
Ralph Lauren is the primary brand of the Ralph Lauren Corporation, which also owns such labels as Polo Jeans, Ralph Lauren Home, Ralph Lauren Watch and Jewelry, and Ralph Lauren Media.