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MOMA is an Italian footwear brand, which was established in the 1990s with the idea of high-quality and trendy “handmade” leather shoes. Today the brand operates internationally, selling its unique footwear across the globe through large retailers and bi its online store, available in three languages.

Meaning and history

The MOMA visual identity has always been based on simplicity and solidness. Its monochrome logotype was redesigned several times throughout the brand’s history but kept its individual style and recognizability after those changes.

The name of the brand is an abbreviation for “Midnight Over My Action”, which also says a lot about the company, pointing to its creativity and complementing the masculine lines of its logo, giving them a more romantic feeling.

The logo of the Italian brand boasts an extremely stylish monochrome badge, where the short name of the label is set in two levels, split in syllables, “Mo” and “Ma”. The massive geometric structure of the letters makes its square placement strong and futuristic, reflecting the character of the brand and its values.

The strict and brutal lines of the MOMA emblem elevate the brand’s artisanal approach to design, showing that craftsmanship can be super progressive and innovative. The badge of the label is a brilliant combination of traditions and contemporary ways of thinking.


The brand doesn’t have any specific symbol, as used its official logo as a signifier, an icon, and a tag. Its square geometry points to the stability and professionalism of the label. The symmetry of the emblem points to the values of harmony and balance, a brilliant mixture of old and new, usual, and creative.

Font and color

The massive MOMA lettering is executed in a custom sans-serif typeface with the letters in extra-bold lines and distinct cuts, the closes font to the footwear label’s logotype is P22 Constructivist Cyrillic, though some contours were modified.

The main color palette of the logo is monochrome, which is timeless and powerful. Its contrast makes the emblem bright and recognizable, pointing to the strongest sides of the brand. Though there is an additional palette the brand uses — light gray lettering on a sky-blue background. It softens the straight lines of the letters and adds a sense of lightness and tenderness, showing the label from a completely different side.

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