Perrier Logo

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Perrier Logo

Perrier is a famous brand of sparkling water, created in 1898 by a French doctor, Louis Perrier. The brand is known not only for its sleek bottle design but also for a high quality of carbonated water. Today Perrier is owned by Nestle Group.

Meaning and history

Perrier Logo history

Since the date of its establishment, Perrier uses its wordmark as a logo. Until 2003 the brand’s visual identity features an arched inscription, enclosed in a thin green circle. It was a laconic, yet very strong work.

The current Perrier logo, designed in 2003, is more colorful and complicated than the previous one. The white gothic lettering of the nameplate is arched and placed inside a green circle with a thick white outline and two stylized yellow wings.

The bold brand’s inscription is perfectly balanced and has a delicate dark shadow, making the nameplate float above the background.

Perrier Logo

Under the nameplate, there is an ornate monogram “SP”, that stands for Societe Perrier, the brand’s gaudier to best places and cultural events.

The green white and yellow color palette of the Perrier logo is fresh and crispy, it evokes a sense of natural energy and happiness, as well as shows the trustworthy and reliable brand, that cares about its customers and tends to manufacture only the best quality products.