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Pergo is one of the world’s largest flooring companies, which was established in 1977. In the same year, the company invented a laminate floor, which was a breakthrough in the industry. Today Pergo operates across the globe with its subsidiaries in Europe, North America, and Australia and offers a wide variety of flooring solutions.

Meaning and history

The Pergo visual identity is minimalist and stylish. Composed of a single wordmark in monochrome, the brand’s logo looks professional and contemporary.

The previous version of the label’s logo features an emblem on the left of the wordmark. It was a gray square, composed of four vertical rectangles, one of which was horizontally divided into two equal parts, the upper one was colored in turquoise.

Pergo Emblem

This solid geometric emblem was memorable and recognizable and served as a reflection of the company’s purpose and essence — representing laminate flooring. The emblem can still be seen on some of the brand’s products, however, the company decided to simplify its visual identity design and today the official logo is completely text-based.


The wordmark in all capital letters is executed in a bold sans-serif typeface, which is similar to the font of the Futura Family. The inscription looks solid and strong, and its sleek clean lines make it look like a high fashion brand logotype.

The Pergo nameplate is perfectly balanced in terms of size, shapes, and spaces and evokes a sense of harmony and stability.


Established in Sweden in 1977, Pergo was bought by the American company, Mohawk in 2013. Today the company has its branch offices and production facilities on almost all the continents to serve millions of customers across the globe.

Pergo Logo

The company is one of the world’s leading manufacturers of laminate flooring. With their rich experience and more than 40 years in the industry, they provide the best quality of the laminate available in many different variations and designs.

Pergo offers a wide color palette of its laminate, including stone and ceramic pattern finishings. The company’s product is also known to be water-resistant, so it is suitable for kitchens and even bathrooms. The label’s laminate is more durable and harder to scratch than the same product of the competitor brands.

The company also uses revolutionary anti-splash technology in its production process, which ensures maximum laminate durability and makes it live longer.