Band-Aid Logo

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Band-Aid LogoBand-Aid Logo PNG

Band-Aid is the name of the Johnson & Johnson brand of adhesive plasters, which was established in the 1920s. Today it is one of the most famous brands of bandages in the world, distributed in pharmacies and supermarkets across the globe.

Meaning and history

Band-Aid Logo history

The visual identity of one of the world’s most famous adhesive bandages produces is bright yet minimalist. Once created at the beginning of the brand’s history, it has only been slightly modified and cleaned throughout the years. The company still keeps the original color palette and concept of the logo.
The Band-Aid insignia consists of a bold red wordmark in all capitals, where the thick letters are executed in a calm traditional sans-serif typeface and are accompanied by a light and delicate tagline in the same red color.
The tagline, saying “Brand Adhesive Bandages” is also written in a sans-serif but with slightly extended letters and thin lines. In the previous versions the tagline was colored blue, and earlier it was replaced by a thick horizontal underline in the same blue shade.
Band-Aid Logo
The today’s Band-Aid logo is executed in red and white, and can sometimes be complemented by “Johnson & Johnson” nameplate in their iconic font, in red or blue.
The logo of the brand is very simple, yet it shows the company as professional and evokes a sense of authority and expertise, along with power and confidence. This timeless visual identity will always work well and be actual, as the bright colors and clean lines are the choices one can not be mistaken with.