Crayola Logo

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Crayola Logo

Crayola is a brand of stationery and art supplies manufacturing company, which was founded in 1885 in the USA. Today the company operates worldwide and has over two thousand employees across all six continents.

Meaning and history

Crayola Logo history

The Crayola visual identity is bright, colorful and friendly. It is composed of a wordmark, placed into the oval frame and with a graphical element under the lettering.

The Crayola nameplate is executed in a smooth and bold sans-serif typeface, which is very similar to Cronos Bold, created by Robert Slimbach.

The intense green on the lettering is outlined with a light yellow and placed on a background that features a lore deep and intense shade of yellow. The framing of the oval is executed in the same shade of green as the wordmark.

Crayola logo

The most eye-catching element of the Crayola logo is an emblem placed under the lettering. It is a simple curve, representing a smile. The smile is executed in a rainbow multicolor palette, to show the company’s nature and profile.

The Crayola logo is kind and playful, it represents the brand’s creativity and artistic character, evoking a sense of harmony and reliability at the same time. It is welcoming and instantly recognizable across the globe.