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PelisMaraton is the name of a Spanish website with a huge selection of movies and series, available for online streaming for free. The portal offers you all the latest releases in both Latin Spanish and Castellano, as well as old iconic movies and tv-shows.

Meaning and history

PelisMaraton Logo history

PelisMaraton is a reliable and legit website, created for Spanish-speaking countries. The platform has one of the largest catalogs of video content available to watch online for free. The website is built very conveniently, with its main menu easy to use. It gets daily updates, so with PelisMaraton, you can be sure you won’t miss the latest episode of your favorite series.

What is PelisMaraton?

PelisMaraton is the online streaming platform for movies, series, and tv-shown in Spanish. All content on the website is available in Latin Spanish and Castellano, and the new releases are being added to the catalog daily.

As for the visual identity of the platform, it is very friendly and simple, based on a light color palette, which creates strong contrast with the solid black background of the website’s pages.


PelisMaraton logo old
The PelisMaraton logo is composed of two parts — the graphical emblem, and the logotype. The emblem can whether be set on the left from the inscription, or used on its own as the web icon of the platform. The whole badge is set in a white and calm-yellow color palette.

The emblem features a solid white circle with the small sharp black “Play” triangle in the center. The badge is enclosed into a yellow frame, formed by two separate parts, located diagonally and having one tail from each part elongated and sharpened, balancing the geometric shape of the black element.

The PelisMaraton logotype, set on the right from the emblem, is written in the title case of a smooth custom typeface with bold lines and softened ends and serifs of the letters. The first part of the website’s name is drawn in white, while the “Maratón” features a calm yet the full-bodied shade of yellow, the color standing for energy and passion.


PelisMaraton logo

The current PelisMaraton badge repeats the yellow and black color palette of the previous version but has a very different style and mood. The logo of the video streaming platform is composed of a monochrome emblem, depicting an old-style camera with a white “Play” triangular on it, a bold title case lettering in a smooth serif font, with the first part set in black, and the second one in yellow, and a black-and-white underline, stylized as a film, starting right at the camera emblem.