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Paul Maverick is a famous YouTube vlogger whose real name is Logan Alexander Paul. Logan Alexander was born in 1995 and already at the age of 19 began to produce his first video clips. Today, Paul Mavericks has millions of subscribers, which has helped the vlogger to become one of the top YouTube and Vine users.

Meaning and history

Paul Maverick is one of the youngest and most famous Internet celebrities with millions of subscribers on YouTube. The blogger started posting his videos at the age of 19 and got his loyal audience of followers really fast. Paul Maverick is known for his pranks and funny short clips, but he also started to make animation projects, creating hand-drawn cartoons.

Logan Alexander Paul is not a usual vlogger, who is only interested in posting comedian clips and growing his followers’ audience. The young man is trying to find himself in different areas: Paul Maverick is engaged in music production and fashion business, as well as boxing. The clothing brand has become really successful, and its t-shirts and accessories are being sold all over the globe.

What is Paul Maverick?
Paul Maverick is the pseudonym of Logan Alexander Paul, a young but famous blogger with millions of followers on YouTube. Paul Maverick is known for his prank videos and hand-drawn cartoons. Today he can be seen not only on YouTube but also on TV, as a guest star in different tv-shows.

In terms of visual identity, Paul Maverick builds his badge on something close and important to him. The elegant and cool badge of the internet celebrity depicts his favorite pet Paul and his parrot Maverick. The bird also symbolizes freedom, which is the number one value of the vlogger. Apart from the graphical emblem, the famous YouTuber also has a stylized wordmark, which he sometimes uses for a more serious representation of his brand.

2019 – Today

Paul Maverick Logo

The Paul Maverick logo today is familiar to millions of young people across the globe and is strongly associated with the internet celebrity and his sassy and humorous videos. The badge of the vlogger can be seen in both monochrome and multicolor palettes, but the contours and the style of the main graphical element remain untouched.

The Paul Maverick emblem depicts a flying parrot with its wings spread to the sides. The bird is drawn in an abstract geometric manner, with solid elements and clean contours. Sometimes it gets thin contrasting lines over its body, which makes the look of the bird more detailed and realistic. In other cases, the parrot can be colored in gradient blue-to-pink, or orange and green.

As for the lettering part of the Paul Maverick visual identity, it is not always present on the badge, but when it is there, it features a bold clean sans-serif typeface, with the letter “V” replaced by the same parrot, just in a smaller size.

There is also a shortened version of the Paul Maverick logotype, “Mav”, set in the lowercase of a custom sans-serif typeface with extra-thick lines half of the corners rounded, and shapes of the letters solid and futuristic. This version of the wordmark is usually set in plain black color, which adds more power to the whole banner.

Font and color

Paul Maverick Emblem

The heavy lowercase “Mav” lettering from the secondary badge of Paul Maverick is set in a custom rounded and futuristic sans-serif typeface with thick softened lines of the bars and interesting contours of the letters. There are no commercial analogs for the font, used in this insignia, and each character is a stand-alone piece with unique features. The “M” has its left bar slightly detached from the whole image at the top, while the “A” has its contour open, and the diagonal bar straightened, as for the “V”, it has its left bar straight, and the right one diagonally elongated, creating a sense of motion and progress.

In terms of color palette, the Paul Maverick visual identity is bright and delightful, but when needed — it turns stable and professional, using a minimalistic black-and-white combination. As for the primary version, it is composed of green, orange, and yellow, and their light and dark hues, make up a voluminous picture. Green is the color of development and progress, while orange symbolizes energy to move, and yellow — is the perfect light mood.

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