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Parks Superior Sales is a family-owned company specializing in the sale of new and used funeral cars, including hearses and limousines. Owned by the Parks family, the business has been operational for over 70 years. With its headquarters situated in Somers, Connecticut, the company serves clients across the United States and even exports to other countries. Known for high-quality products and excellent customer service, Parks Superior Sales has built a reputation as a leading provider in the funeral vehicle industry.

Meaning and history

Parks Superior Sales Logo history

Founded in the late 1940s by the Parks family, Parks Superior Sales has been a dedicated provider of funeral cars, including hearses, limousines, and first-call cars, for over seven decades. The business has a diverse inventory, including new and pre-owned vehicles from brands like Cadillac and Lincoln. Over the years, Parks Superior Sales has achieved milestones that include expanding its product range and customer base while consistently maintaining quality service and customer satisfaction. Its exports to international markets and technological upgrades to the product lineup are notable achievements. Currently headquartered in Somers, Connecticut, the company has established a significant national footprint and is recognized as an industry leader in the United States. Its current status reflects ongoing commitment to quality, innovation, and customer service, making it a reliable choice for funeral homes and other services requiring funeral vehicles.

What is Parks Superior Sales?
Parks Superior Sales is a U.S.-based family-owned business specializing in the sale of funeral vehicles, including hearses and limousines. With a history spanning over 70 years, the company is headquartered in Somers, Connecticut and serves clients across the nation. Known for its quality products and customer service, it is a leading name in the funeral vehicle industry.

1952 – 19??

Parks Superior Sales Logo 1952

The earlier logo of the brand looked like a simple store sign. It featured the name, Parks Superior Sales, Inc., printed in two lines. The company used a blue color, which is often used by designers to create an image of a trustworthy and stable company. All the characters were uppercase to make the inscription easily readable and had small serifs. There was a third line that had “Of Connecticut” printed using the same font and smaller size characters. There was nothing unique about this logo but it served its purpose for quite a few years.

19?? – now

Parks Superior Sales Logo

Later, the company had a professional logo created to represent it. It had a black diamond shape as the base with light brown and white details. The word “Parks” was printed in large letters across the center of the logo using a serif font similar to Coupler Black by District. The rest of the inscription was added to the border across the top and bottom and featured a white, sans-serif font. The logo also had an establishment date. The overall look was well-balanced and solid.