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Glock is the name of the Austrian weapon manufacturing company, which was established in 1982. The company started operating as the semi-automatic pistols supplier for the army and police and became one of the most reliable manufacturers in its field.

Meaning and history

The Glock visual identity is strict and masculine, which is consistent with the nature of the company.

The Glock logo is composed of a white wordmark placed on a dart gray net pattern background, but usually, the brand uses a simple monochrome version, where the black lettering is on white background.

The wordmark is executed in a fine yet confident rounded sans-serif typeface, which is similar to FF DIN Round Pro Bold. The only stylized element of the logo is the first letter “G” and its connection with “L”. These two letters form a kind of framing with rounded angles, which resembles a padlock.

Glock logo

The simplicity of shapes and color palette of the Glock logo reflects the company’s seriousness and fundamental approach. They show the brand as a professional and reliable one, with values of quality and security.

The monochrome color palette is one of the strictest and most powerful combinations, which is the perfect choice for such a reputable company as Glock.

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