Michelin Logo

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Michelin Logo
Although the Michelin logo has been heavily modifiedseveral times, it has preserved its visual identity due to the use of the company’s mascot, the so-called Bibendum.

Meaning and history

Michelin logo history

As far back as 1894, at an exhibition in Lyon, Édouardand André Michelin noticed that a pile of tires would look like a man if it had the arms.
michelin tire logo
Four years later, they decided to develop their own logo on the base of a brasserie logotype made by O’Galop. They replaced the giant with their man made of tires, but left the quotation “Nunc est Bibendum” as it was.


Michelin Symbol
In the course of time, Bibendum attained the status of the brand’s worldwide ambassador. Not only did he present the company’s new products, but he also advised and assisted motorists in every way possible.


Michelin Logo emblem
Every designer that worked on the new versions of the logo brought about his own interpretation of the mascot. In the current version of the Michelin logo Bibendum waves his hand as if to greet the motorists driving past the company’s offices.


Font Michelin Logo
The current wordmark features a solid italic san serif typeface. All the letters are capitals.


Color Michelin Logo
The Michelin Man is white with the black outline; the wordmark is dark blue, while the background is white.