Panamanian Professional Baseball League logo

Panamanian Professional Baseball League logoPanamanian Professional Baseball League Logo PNG

Panamanian Professional Baseball League, also known as Probeis, is a big baseball event in Panama. It was arranged in its current from in 2001. It’s a regular league, although only three teams currently compete in it. The matches are normally held from December to February.

Meaning and History

The similar leagues have been organized in Panama since the 40s, due to the influence of Americans in the country. The name ‘Probeis’ (as this league is very often called) comes from two Spanish words: ‘profesional’ (which means ‘professional’) and ‘beisbol’ (translates to ‘baseball’).

2001 – today

Panamanian Professional Baseball League logo

The logo has the Panama’s outline drawn in white at its center. The emblem itself is bright blue, which represents the ocean surrounding the country. The design is positioned inside an abstract shape representing a part of a baseball field (infield). The Probeis logo also features a baseball and the lettering ‘Probeis Panama’.