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The first Pampers logo to ever appear was the one on the test packages introduced into the market in Illinois in 1961. The packages featured a simple blue wordmark with a red angled bar. Also, there was a visual realization of the brand’s promise: a picture of a sleeping baby.

Meaning and history

Pampers Logo history

Shortly after, as the product was introduced into a broader market, it adopted a slightly different logo. In addition to the name of the company, the insignia incorporated a dot and a slogan, which actually looked more like an explanation: “Instead of a diaper…”. The wordmark had a red-and-black color scheme.


Pampers Logo-1961
The original Pampers logo had nothing in common with the current one. There was the black name of the brand in a light serif type over the maroon background.


Pampers Logo-1985
The blue color was first used. The type grew plumper, friendlier.


Pampers Logo-2000
The blue grew somewhat warmer and lighter, while the heart appeared at the top. The type was replaced by a more playful one.


Pampers Logo
A couple of yellow strokes above the logo disappeared, while the glyphs were slightly updated.


Font Pampers Logo

The current version of the Pampers logo sports a unique sans-serif type looking a bit “fluffier” than the previous one.


Color Pampers Logo

The color scheme includes two basic colors – aqua and yellow – on the white background. The previous version featured orange, in addition to these colors.


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