Infinity Ward Logo

Infinity Ward logo

Infinity Ward is the name of a video-games developing company, which was estab-lished in 2002 in the United States. The company became famous after the release of Call of Duty, and by today has created a series of 7 games.

Meaning and history

Infinity Ward Logo history

The Infinity Ward visual identity is composed of a logotype, which is often used alone, and an emblem, placed at the beginning of the lettering.

The original Infinity Ward logo was designed in 2002 and there were two versions: with and without the emblem. The logotype, created in 2002 is still in use today, as for the emblem, it was slightly modified, but not much.

The inscription in all the lowercase letters is executed in an extra-bold italicized sans-serif typeface, where all the letters are solid and balanced. It looks futuristic and powerful and the signature emblem only adds to this feeling.

The red Infinity Ward symbol is a circular image, composed of three orbits with two bold circles on them. In the first version of the brand’s visual identity, the emblem was drawn in its or light gray, emphasizing on the letter “I”, which was colored red.

Today the red emblem in thin delicate lines is placed behind the lettering and the bold black “I” and “N”, cover almost half of it.

Infinity Ward logo

The red and black color palette of the Infinity Ward logo represents a powerful and dynamic brand, which values progress and is energetically moving forward day by day.