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The University of Arkansas at Little Rock has a distinctive logo in maroon, silver, and white.

Meaning and history

Little Rock Trojans Logo history

The Little Rock Trojans, emblematic of the University of Arkansas at Little Rock’s athletic ambitions, embarked on their journey in 1927, coinciding with the university’s inception. This period heralded the rise of a program that would carve its niche in the annals of collegiate sports. A hallmark moment for the Trojans came during the 2015-2016 season, particularly in men’s basketball. Here, they etched their name in the lore of March Madness by triumphing over Purdue in a nail-biting double-overtime battle. This victory not only highlighted their sporting prowess but also placed them on the national radar as formidable contenders.

The narrative of the Trojans is not confined to basketball alone. It spans across a spectrum of sports, with their women’s teams in basketball and soccer also scripting success stories. Their journey is peppered with conference championships and individual awards, underscoring a tradition of excellence and a relentless pursuit of athletic distinction.

In the contemporary sports landscape, the Little Rock Trojans persist in their quest for greatness. With a commitment to cultivating athletic talent and fostering a robust team culture, they remain a dynamic and respected entity in the realm of NCAA sports. Their ongoing endeavors not only aim at adding new chapters to their storied legacy but also at reinforcing their status as a powerhouse in collegiate athletics.

What is Little Rock Trojans?
The Little Rock Trojans represent the athletic vigor of the University of Arkansas at Little Rock, competing chiefly in NCAA Division I. Renowned for their basketball acumen, they have also marked their prowess across multiple sports, standing as a notable force in the domain of college athletics.

1997 – 2014

Little Rock Trojans Logo 1997
The centerpiece of the old Little Rock Trojans logo used in 1997-2014 featured the side view of a man’s head in a helmet. The design was highly stylized.

2014 – Today

Little Rock Trojans logo

The updated version of the Little Rock Trojans logo looks almost the same except that there is the lettering “Little Rock” next to the head.

Little Rock Trojans basketball

Little Rock Trojans basketball logo

The men’s basketball program has been moderately successful. It has played in five NCAA Tournaments and three National Invitation Tournaments. The women’s team has played in the WNIT three times and has won the West Division in the Sun Belt four times.

Little Rock Trojans baseball

Little Rock Trojans baseball logo

A member of the Sun Belt Conference, the Trojans use Gary Hogan Field as their home arena. Their head coach is Chris Curry.

Little Rock Trojans Colors

HEX COLOR: #6E2639;
RGB: (110,38,57)
CMYK: (20,97,40,58)

RGB: (167,169,172)
CMYK: (0,0,0,40)