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Olmeca Altos, a notable tequila brand, crafts its spirits from 100% blue agave harvested from Mexico’s highlands. Currently, its main markets include North America, Europe, and other key global locations where tequila enjoys popularity. Distinguished by its unique flavor profile, Olmeca Altos often attracts connoisseurs and casual drinkers alike. The brand is part of the extensive portfolio owned by Pernod Ricard, a globally recognized spirits and wine conglomerate. Through adept marketing and authentic production techniques, Olmeca Altos continues to fortify its reputation in the competitive world of premium tequilas.

Meaning and history

Olmeca Altos traces its roots to the fertile lands of Jalisco, Mexico, where the art of tequila-making is more than a tradition; it’s a heritage. The brand was born out of the collaboration between two enterprising bartenders, Henry Besant and Dre Masso, and Olmeca’s own master distiller, Jesús Hernández. They shared a common dream: to craft a tequila that would resonate with both bartenders and consumers globally.

In the beginning, the trio was meticulous in selecting the finest blue agave from Los Altos (the highlands) of Jalisco. The unique climate and mineral-rich soils of these highlands imparted distinct flavors to the agave, laying the foundation for Olmeca Altos’ signature taste.

Over the years, the brand ardently followed traditional production methods. Employing the Tahona process, the agave was crushed by a massive stone wheel, ensuring that the juices retained their purity and essence. This blend of modern aspirations and time-honored techniques was a formula for success.

The brand quickly garnered attention, leading to its acquisition by the global spirits giant, Pernod Ricard. Under their stewardship, Olmeca Altos further expanded its global footprint. The new leadership also introduced advanced distillation techniques, while still preserving the brand’s core values and traditional methods.

As the brand grew, it remained dedicated to sustainability. Investments were made in eco-friendly practices, ensuring that the beautiful lands of Jalisco would remain fertile for generations to come. This commitment was evident in every bottle of Olmeca Altos, reflecting a blend of respect for the environment and passion for tequila-making.

Today, Olmeca Altos stands as a testament to the power of collaboration, tradition, and innovation. With its roots firmly anchored in the rich soils of Jalisco and its spirit soaring high, the brand continues its journey, bringing the taste of authentic highland tequila to the world.


Olmeca Altos Logo

The logo showcases bold, black typography with a contemporary flair. The name “OLMECA” is written in an uppercase, linear fashion on the top and bottom left corner. Centered dominantly in the middle is the word “ALTOS” in an imposing, thick font, where each letter stands tall and assertively. Below “ALTOS”, there’s a statement “100% AGAVE” set in a straightforward typeface. The percentage symbol stands out as a bridging element between the numerals and the word. Overall, the design exudes a sense of premium quality and authenticity, emphasizing the brand’s dedication to pure agave.

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