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Chase Distillery, a premium spirits brand based in the UK, is renowned for its field-to-bottle process, producing top-quality vodka and gin from potatoes grown on the family farm. Currently, their products are distributed globally, with major markets in Europe and North America. The company was acquired by Diageo, a British multinational beverage alcohol company, in 2020, marking a significant milestone in its journey. This acquisition has further bolstered Chase’s position in the spirits industry, ensuring its products reach a broader audience worldwide.

Meaning and history

Chase Distillery, rooted in the rich farmlands of Herefordshire, UK, originated from the entrepreneurial spirit of William Chase. In 2008, after the success of his Tyrrells crisps brand, William ventured into the world of spirits. He aimed to craft the finest vodka from the potatoes grown on his family farm.

The journey began with the distillation of Chase Vodka, capturing the essence of the farm’s produce. This field-to-bottle approach set Chase Distillery apart, ensuring quality control and a unique local touch. Soon after, the distillery expanded its portfolio to include an array of gins, with the Chase GB Gin and the Elderflower Gin becoming iconic offerings.

The company prided itself on its sustainable practices, from utilizing potato waste for energy generation to recycling water for farm irrigation. These eco-friendly initiatives further cemented its reputation.

As Chase Distillery continued to flourish, its products found their way to international markets, solidifying its presence globally. The distinctive flavors and quality craftsmanship resonated with connoisseurs worldwide.

In 2020, a pivotal moment in the distillery’s history occurred when it was acquired by Diageo, a leading multinational beverage alcohol company. This acquisition was a testament to the brand’s excellence and a step towards broader horizons.

Today, Chase Distillery stands as a testament to the potential of combining local resources, sustainable practices, and innovative craftsmanship. Its acquisition by Diageo has opened new avenues for expansion, ensuring that the legacy of this family farm continues to make its mark on the global spirits industry.


Chase Distillery Logo

The image showcases an elegant and sophisticated logo for “Chase Distillery.” The word “Chase” is beautifully scripted with fluid and curvaceous calligraphy, showcasing a seamless blend of the letters. The ‘C’ in “Chase” is particularly prominent with its large swooping curve. Directly beneath “Chase,” the word “Distillery” is presented in a more straightforward and classic typeface, providing a balanced contrast to the ornate design above. The overall design exudes an air of refinement, aptly representing a premium brand.

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