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Gerflor is a French company, which specializes in the design and manufacturing of floor coverings. The company was established in 1937 and today has its offices over 30 subsidiaries all over the globe. The brand of flooring producer is well known and for its height quality and a wide range of design variations available.

Meaning and history

The traditional and minimalist Gerflor visual identity is elegant and recognizable due to the use of a unique custom typeface in its wordmark. The logo, composed of the brand’s name inscription and a tagline, is a reflection of European quality and attention to detail.

The laconic insignia features a bold enlarged nameplate with a thick underline and a delicate “theflooringroup” inscription without spaces between the words, which adds uniqueness and shows the individuality of the company.

Logo Gerflor

The dark blue and white color palette of the logo accents on the company’s traditional approach and values — quality, authority, research. The classic combination evokes a sense of expertise and confidence, representing a powerful company, which values the satisfaction of its customers and their comfort.


The wordmark is executed in a custom sans-serif typeface, which makes the logo instantly recognizable. Sleek elegant lines of the letters and playful tails resemble an OC Pajaro Extra Bold font, but with a special signature mood and character of the brand.

As for the tagline, written in the lowercase of a sophisticated and modern sans-serif font, it looks lightweight and balanced the bold main inscription. The typeface of the tagline is very close to Insignia Roman, but with letters “T” and “F” modified — the horizontal bar of “T” and the vertical bar of “F” shortened, which looks more balanced and harmonized.

Gerflor Logo


Gerflor is the world’s leader in resilient flooring solutions manufacturing. The German Group is actively expanding all over the world, providing architects and designers with various innovative solutions for floor and wall decoration.

The brand’s range of products includes flooring, wall coverings, and panels, slabs, stairs, and blades, manufactured according to the latest eco-friendly standards and able to satisfy all the possible interiors needs.

The company develops exclusive solutions for both residential and commercial spaces, including healthcare and educational sites, as well as shopping malls and industrial buildings.

The main specialty of the group is vinyl flooring, which is considered to be one of the most durable floor coverings. It is water and traffic resistant, and Gerflor’s innovations made the vinyl flooring also sound-absorbing and quick laying. The vinyl surfaces are easy to wash and have a relatively low price, which makes them the number one choice for buildings with high traffic.