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In addition to the name of the organization, the Northwoods League logo contains a reference to baseball and a symbolic representation of the region where it’s based.

The centerpiece of the logo is a large black letter “N” with a baseball flying around it. There’s a green fir tree on the right end of the letter. The text “Northwoods League” in italics can be seen below. On the primary logo, the text is given in one line, while on the alternative logo, the text is given in two lines. There’s also a logo without the name of the organization.

Meaning and history

Northwoods League logo

The Northwoods League is a collegiate summer baseball league founded by Dick Radatz Jr. in 1994. It serves as a developmental platform for college players, allowing them to compete in a high-level, wood-bat league during the summer. The league has grown significantly since its inception and currently consists of 22 teams located in the Midwest United States and Ontario, Canada. Over the years, the Northwoods League has produced numerous talented players who have gone on to play in Major League Baseball (MLB). It has also gained recognition as one of the premier summer collegiate leagues in the country. The league’s commitment to player development, quality competition, and fan experience has contributed to its continued success. As of now, the Northwoods League remains an influential force in collegiate summer baseball, providing a valuable opportunity for players to showcase their skills and pursue their dreams of playing professionally.

What is Northwoods League?
The Northwoods League is a summer collegiate baseball league based in the United States and Canada. It provides a platform for top college players to showcase their skills and gain experience in a competitive and professional-like environment. With teams across the Midwest, the league has become known for its high-quality baseball and passionate fan base.

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