Italian Baseball League logo

Italian Baseball League logoItalian Baseball League Logo PNG

Unlike many other baseball logos depicting a figure of a player, the Italian Baseball League logo focuses only on his hands and the baseball in flight. The unusual approach helps to capture the tension and dynamism that are so characteristic for the game.

The player’s hands divide the logo into two parts, red and green (the colors of the Italian national flag). In fact, the overall structure of the emblem resembles the structure of the Italian flag with its three vertical bars. There’s a problem though with the legibility of the name of the League as the letters appear to be too small.

Italian Baseball League logo

What is the Italian Baseball League?
Italian Baseball League is a professional organization for baseball players, established in Italy in 1948. Today the league consists of six teams, competing for the main trophy once a year. Italian Baseball League is headquartered in Rome.

Font and color

The similarity of the Italian League Baseball logo with the American Major League Baseball badge is hard not to notice, but here the colors make the difference. As for the lettering, there is no uniqueness. The league uses a simple and minimalistic modern sans-serif typeface for its two-leveled inscription, with the upper line condensed, and the bottom “Baseball” horizontally stretched.

The typeface, used for the Italian Baseball League logo is pretty close to such fonts as Century Gothic Bold, Gerber Bold, and Contra Black. With its clean lines and stable shapes of the letters, the logotype adds professionalism and seriousness to the whole badge.

As for the color palette of the Italian Baseball League’s visual identity, the organization goes fully patriotic and uses Italian tricolor, consisting of free, white, and red. It is pretty common for sports associations across the globe to use the colors of the national flag in their logos, so no surprise here, plus the combination of the shades in this case does look stylish and energetic.