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Northwestern University in Evanston, Illinois, sponsors 20 varsity teams and is a founding member of the Big Ten Conference.

Meaning and history

Northwestern Wildcats logo history

Founded amidst the academic halls of Northwestern University in Evanston, Illinois, the Northwestern Wildcats emerged as a pioneering force in college sports. Their inception traces back to the robust collegiate sports era of the late 19th century, positioning them as historical stalwarts in American college athletics. The Wildcats, as representatives of Northwestern University, compete in the NCAA Division I, primarily within the esteemed Big Ten Conference, a consortium known for its rich tradition and competitive fervor.

Throughout their storied existence, the Wildcats have carved a niche of excellence. In football, they have clinched numerous Big Ten titles, etching their name in the annals of the sport. The women’s lacrosse team, a beacon of their athletic prowess, has consistently garnered national acclaim, securing multiple national championships. Beyond these, the Wildcats have shown commendable performances in basketball, soccer, and other sports, further cementing their status in the collegiate sports landscape.

In the current sports milieu, the Northwestern Wildcats stand as a testament to sustained athletic and academic achievement. Their presence in the Big Ten Conference is marked by a relentless pursuit of excellence, both on the field and in the classroom. The program’s ethos centers around nurturing well-rounded student-athletes, a balance that epitomizes their commitment to the dual ideals of academic and athletic success. The Wildcats’ enduring legacy is a reflection of this holistic approach to collegiate sports, making them a distinguished entity in the realm of university athletics.

What is Northwestern Wildcats?
The Northwestern Wildcats transcend the conventional definition of a collegiate sports team. They epitomize the fusion of rigorous academic endeavor and athletic distinction. Rooted deeply in the ethos of Northwestern University, the Wildcats represent more than just sports; they are a symbol of the harmonious blend of educational excellence and competitive sportsmanship. This unique dual identity sets them apart in the dynamic world of college athletics.

1959 – 1967

Northwestern Wildcats Logo-1959

Since 1959, the Northwestern Wildcats logo has gone through three modifications. The earliest logo on the list had a pretty cartoonish style. There was an anthropomorphized wildcat wearing a helmet and carrying a football.

1981 – 2011

Northwestern Wildcats Logo-1981

In 1981, the emblem was replaced. This time, the centerpiece of the logo was a large purple “N.” It had a very unusual and memorable shape. Out of the lower gap, the head of a wildcat was coming out. The creature had its mouth open and was showing its sharp fangs.

2012 – Today

Northwestern Wildcats Logo

In 2012, the team updated its emblem once again. This time, it grew simpler and more minimalistic in comparison with its predecessor. The wildcat’s head disappeared altogether. As a result, only the “N” was left. In addition to it, the trim, which was present on the previous version, was removed. All this made the Northwestern Wildcats logo cleaner and easier to reproduce.

Northwestern Wildcats football

Northwestern Wildcats football logo

The football team of Northwestern University is a charter member of the Big Ten Conference. The Wildcats have competed in the league since the conference’s establishment over 120 years ago. They have won eight Big Ten titles, six shared and two outright. They have appeared in 15 bowl games.

Their head coach is Pat Fitzgerald.

Northwestern Wildcats basketball

Northwestern Wildcats basketball logo

The women’s team has been more successful than the men’s team. So far, they have had ten NCAA Tournament appearances and have reached the NCAA Tournament Second round on four occasions.

It was only in 2017 that the men’s team earned its first bid to the NCAA tournament. As of 2019, they have not appeared there anymore. They have been Conference Regular Season Champions twice.

Their head coach is Chris Collins, while their home arena is Welsh-Ryan Arena.

Northwestern Wildcats Colors

RGB: (78, 42, 132)
CMYK: (41,68,0,48)

RGB: (255,255,255)
CMYK: (0,0,0,0)

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