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A stylized eagle has been the centerpiece of the Georgia Southern Eagles logo since at least 1982. It does not mean that the emblem has remained untouched, though.

Meaning and history

Georgia Southern Eagles logo history

Georgia Southern Eagles, an athletic identity deeply rooted in the history of Georgia Southern University, was established in conjunction with the founding of the university itself. The university, originally known as the First District Agricultural & Mechanical School, was founded in 1906, evolving over decades into a significant institution. The Eagles have carved a niche in collegiate sports, distinguishing themselves through remarkable achievements, particularly in football. Their football program, a beacon of excellence, has captured six national titles in the Football Championship Subdivision (FCS), formerly known as Division I-AA. These triumphs, notably in the 1980s and 1990s, have cemented their legacy in collegiate athletics.

Beyond football, the Georgia Southern Eagles have made significant strides in other sports, exemplifying a comprehensive athletic prowess. Their baseball team has consistently demonstrated competitiveness, with multiple appearances in the NCAA tournament. This sporting excellence extends to their men’s and women’s basketball teams, which have seen growing success in recent years. Currently, the Eagles are a member of the Sun Belt Conference, competing at the NCAA Division I level across all sports. This position reflects not only their historical significance but also their ongoing commitment to athletic and academic excellence, maintaining a vibrant presence in NCAA sports.

What is Georgia Southern Eagles?
Georgia Southern Eagles is the athletic division of Georgia Southern University, competing in NCAA Division I sports.

1982 – 2003

Georgia Southern Eagles Logo-1982

The old emblem unveiled in 1982 depicted the eagle’s head in a pretty abstract way. The side view of the head was given in white between a dark blue and a gold field.

2004 – 2009

Georgia Southern Eagles Logo-2004

The 2004 logo, by contrast, featured not only the head but also the body and the wings of the eagle placed over the lettering “Georgia Southern.”

2010 – Now

Georgia Southern Eagles Logo

In 2010, the team adopted a logo where the eagle’s head was positioned above the name of the team. Both the eagle and the typography were redrawn for the updated Georgia Southern Eagles logo.

Georgia Southern Eagles baseball

Georgia Southern Eagles baseball logo

The most successful seasons for Georgia Southern University have taken place in 2009 when they won Southern Conference Baseball Tournament and 2011 when they won SoCon Tournament.

Georgia Southern Eagles football

Georgia Southern Eagles football logo

The Eagles have won six FCS (I-AA) national championships. Also, the athletic program is known for producing two Walter Payton Award winners.

Georgia Southern Eagles Colors

HEX COLOR: #011E41;
RGB: (1, 30, 65)
CMYK: (100, 87, 47, 52)

RGB: (163, 170, 174)
CMYK: (38, 27, 27, 0)

HEX COLOR: #87714D;
RGB: (135, 113, 77)
CMYK: (43, 48, 74, 18)