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The only notable update of the Northern Michigan Wildcats logo since the 1990s took place in 2016.

Meaning and history

Northern Michigan Wildcats Logo history

The Northern Michigan Wildcats, founded in 1899, are a prominent sports team known for their achievements in various athletic disciplines. Over the years, they have excelled in collegiate sports and garnered numerous accolades. Notable accomplishments include multiple national championships in ice hockey, outstanding performances in skiing and swimming, and commendable achievements in football and basketball. The Wildcats have produced several successful athletes who have represented the university at the professional level. Currently, the team continues to thrive, maintaining a strong presence in their respective sports and demonstrating the commitment to excellence that has defined them throughout their history.

What is Northern Michigan Wildcats?
The Northern Michigan Wildcats is not a company but a collegiate athletic program representing Northern Michigan University in Marquette, Michigan. They compete in various sports at the NCAA Division II level.

1993 – 2015

Northern Michigan Wildcats Logo-1993

In 1993, the athletic teams that represent Northern Michigan University in Marquette, Michigan, adopted an emblem where the head of a cat was encircled by the name of the university and the word “Wildcats.”

2016 – Today

Northern Michigan Wildcats Logo

In 2016, they introduced a new design. The head of the cat here looked somewhat similar to the previous version of the emblem, with a couple of notable differences. The typography was developed from scratch. This time, the text was positioned below the pictorial part of the emblem.