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The North Dakota Fighting Hawks is the name of the athletic program of the University of North Dakota, which is located in the city of Grand Forks, North Dakota. The program includes around 17 varsity teams.

Meaning and history

North Dakota Fighting Hawks logo history

The inception of the North Dakota Fighting Hawks traces back to the early establishment of the University of North Dakota in 1883. This timeline aligns with the university’s foundation, embedding the teams deeply into the institution’s history. The Fighting Hawks have carved out a distinguished niche in collegiate sports, particularly through their men’s ice hockey team. This squad has clinched eight national titles, setting a high bar in NCAA Division I competitions. Their football team also boasts a remarkable record, especially during their tenure in NCAA Division II, before their ascent to Division I.

In the contemporary sports landscape, the Fighting Hawks maintain their stature as a formidable contender, especially in hockey, where they consistently rank amongst the elite teams nationally. The university’s investment in enhancing athletic facilities and nurturing talent underlines its dedication to sustaining the Fighting Hawks’ legacy. This ongoing commitment cements the North Dakota Fighting Hawks’ position as a pillar of excellence and a symbol of competitive spirit in the realm of college sports.

What is North Dakota Fighting Hawks?
North Dakota Fighting Hawks is the name of the athletic program of the University of North Dakota, located in Grand Forks, USA. The program consists of 17 men’s and women’s teams, which compete in Division I of NCAA in such sports disciplines as Basketball, Football, Tennis Gold, and others.

1959 – 1972

North Dakota Fighting Hawks Logo-1959
The very first logo for the program was designed in 1959 and stayed unchanged for more than a decade. It was a naive drawing with the portrait of a Native American man with a green headband, where two white “ND” capitals were placed. The man was drawn in a slightly caricaturish manner and had all bright elements in his headpiece — a green band and two yellow feathers.

1976 – 1999

North Dakota Fighting Hawks Logo-1976
The redesign of 1976 introduced a completely new badge, which was modern and pretty abstract. It was a green and white geometric drawing of a Native American man placed in profile to the left. The image was executed with bold lines and softened triangles in both green and white. It looked fresh and very modern.

2000 – 2006

North Dakota Fighting Hawks Logo-2000
The badge, created for the club in 2000 was more detailed. The Native American man was still drawn in profile, but this time facing to the right. As for the drawing itself, it was detailed and more realistic, though still had something caricaturish in it. The feathers got more white and black accents and yellow was only in a couple of lines.

2007 – 2011

North Dakota Fighting Hawks Logo-2007
In 2007 the man started looking to the left, like on the logo from 1976. The style remained untouched, as well as the color palette, but all the lines of the emblem were straightened up and strengthened so that the logo started looking more professional and confident, evoking a sense of determination and power, and representing the club’s character.

2012 – 2015

North Dakota Fighting Hawks Logo-2012
In 2012 North Dakota Fighting Hawks started using a text-based logo, with an intertwined “ND” monogram placed above the “North Dakota” inscription in the uppercase. The upper part of the logo was executed in green and black, with some white spaced, where the letters were intertwining, white the bottom line was plain green, written in a custom typeface with thick smooth lines and distinct straight cuts.

2016 – Today

North Dakota Fighting Hawks Logo
After the redesign of 2016, the logo gained new lines and styles. The green bold “ND” monogram was put on the background, with the stylized white hawk’s head drawn on it, with its sharp and curved beak on the “D” and its head feathers in “N”. The new image represented the motion, energy, and strength of the club, and their willingness to love and win.

North Dakota Fighting Hawks Colors

HEX COLOR: #009A44;
RGB: (0,154,68)
CMYK: (93,0,100,0)

RGB: (171,174,174)
CMYK: (13,8,11,26)

HEX COLOR: #000000;
RGB: (0,0,0)
CMYK: (0,0,0,100)