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The Georgia State Panthers represent the athletic endeavors of Georgia State University, a public research institution in Atlanta, Georgia. Owned and operated by the university, this athletic division is a significant aspect of campus life and student engagement. The Panthers primarily compete in the NCAA’s Sun Belt Conference, showcasing their prowess in various sports. Geographically, their operations are predominantly within the United States, focusing on intercollegiate competitions and tournaments that pit them against other universities across the nation.

Meaning and history

The Georgia State Panthers, the athletic symbol of Georgia State University, were established with the university’s inception in 1913. Initially, their athletic programs were modest, but over the decades, they have blossomed into a significant force in collegiate sports. The Panthers have celebrated numerous achievements, notably in basketball, baseball, and soccer, earning recognition and accolades in various national competitions. Today, the Georgia State Panthers stand as a prominent figure in the NCAA, known for their competitive spirit and the dynamic role they play in fostering athletic talent and sportsmanship in collegiate sports.

What is Georgia State Panthers?
Essentially, it’s the athletic division of Georgia State University, competing in the NCAA’s Sun Belt Conference. Their programs span multiple sports, fostering talent and sportsmanship among student-athletes.


Georgia State Panthers Logo-1993

Although the panther on the 1993 Georgia State Panthers logo was utterly cartoonish and did not look like a real sports logo, it was used for three years.


Georgia State Panthers Logo-1997

On the 1997 emblem, you can see the side view of the panther facing to the right. Neither this, nor the following logo adopted in 2002 were a great progress in comparison with the 1993 one.


Georgia State Panthers Logo-2002

The logo features the bold, capitalized words “GEORGIA STATE” in a strong, blocky red font with a subtle 3D effect and a white outline, emphasizing sturdiness and presence. The typeface is reminiscent of classic collegiate apparel, fostering a sense of community and school spirit. Beneath the text, a stylized panther head, rendered in a rich shade of blue with sharp white teeth and a hint of a red tongue, conveys the fierceness and competitive nature often associated with sports teams. The panther’s fierce expression and the forward tilt suggest motion and aggression a mascot symbolizing the school’s athletic teams. The yellow eye detail adds a piercing focus, while the overall design balances the text’s assertiveness with the mascot’s dynamic energy, encapsulating the ethos of Georgia State’s pride and tenacity. The logo’s color palette of red, blue, and white also resonates with themes of passion, confidence, and purity, aligning with the university’s values.


Georgia State Panthers Logo-2009

The 2009 logo looked more professional. The cartoon character was replaced by a more realistic panther.

2014 – Today

Georgia State Panthers Logo

Eventually, in 2014, the current Georgia State Panthers logo was introduced. In comparison with its predecessor, it looks slightly more minimalistic and professional.

Georgia State Panthers basketball

Georgia State Panthers basketball logo

The men’s basketball team has made five appearances in the NCAA Tournament, two appearances in the National Invitation Tournament, and two appearances in the Tournaments. The women’s team has competed in the NCAA Tournament three times. They have been to the Women’s NIT in 2000 and in AIAW Tournament in 1981.

Georgia State Panthers baseball

Georgia State Panthers baseball logo

The home arena of the baseball program is at Georgia State’s Panthersville sports complex. The program fielded in 1956 is currently coached by Brad Stromdahl.

Georgia State Panthers Colors

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CMYK: (100,72,0,0)

RGB: (198,12,48)
CMYK: (0,100,75,4)

HEX COLOR: #000000;
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CMYK: (0,0,0,100)

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