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While the old logo of the Auburn Tigers featured a tiger’s head, the current version is based on the initials of the words “Auburn University.”

Meaning and history

Auburn Tigers Logo history

Auburn Tigers, the athletic teams representing the Auburn University, compete in Division I of the National Collegiate Athletic Association.

1957 – 1970

Auburn Tigers Logo-1957

From 1957 to 1970, the primary Auburn Tigers logo sported an anthropomorphized tiger. The tiger wore a sailor’s hat with the letter “A.” The expression of its muzzle was pretty discontented but not overtly aggressive. The palette consisted of three colors: orange, dark blue, and white.

1971 – Today

Auburn Tigers Logo

In 1971, the university adopted a new primary logo for its athletic program. On the forefront, there was a large “A,” and behind it, a “U” could be seen. Apart from the initials, there was nothing on the logo.

What’s important, the palette consisting of burned orange and dark blue with the white background remained unchanged. The current style guide of the Auburn University recommends the PMS 158 tint for reproducing the burnt orange on paper. The guide also mentions PMS 172 as a possible alternative but claims it can work a little worse on paper or on screen. The PMS 172 tint is recommended for using in merchandise (on fabrics or plastics). The color with the index PMS 289 should be used for reproducing the blue color of the Auburn Tigers logo.

As for the secondary logo, it has gone through multiple updates, although the palette has been the same since 1970. During most of the time, it featured either the tiger’s head or the letters “A” and “U.” Also, you could come across an ellipse logo depicting the tiger’s stripes or eyes.

Auburn Tigers football

Auburn Tigers Logo

The history of the football team of the Auburn University is pretty long – the school started competing in intercollegiate football in 1982. Today, the team can boast twelve undefeated seasons. It has won twelve conference championships and eight divisional championships.

Auburn Tigers baseball

Auburn Tigers

The team was founded in 1895. As of the fall of 2019, they have already won six SEC championships and three SEC Tournament championships.

Auburn Tigers basketball

Auburn Tigers emblem

The men’s basketball program started playing in 1906. The team has won three SEC regular-season championships and two SEC Tournament championships. As for the women’s team, it has been pretty competitive, too. It has won five regular-season SEC championships and four SEC Tournament championships.

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