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North Carolina State Wolfpack, a name synonymous with collegiate sports vigor, represents the athletic teams of North Carolina State University. This entity isn’t owned by an individual but is an integral component of the university’s structure. The Wolfpack’s domain of operation primarily spans the United States, focusing on intercollegiate competitions. As a proud participant in the Atlantic Coast Conference, they have carved out a niche in various sports, contributing to the dynamic world of university athletics with their spirited engagements and commendable sportsmanship.

Meaning and history

North Carolina State Wolfpack Logo

The narrative of the North Carolina State Wolfpack intertwines with the history of North Carolina State University. This entity, emerging from the university’s sporting culture, doesn’t have a singular founder but rather evolved with the institution itself. Over the years, the Wolfpack has triumphed in various sports arenas, particularly distinguishing themselves in basketball and football. Their basketball team’s journey to national championships is a testament to their enduring excellence. Currently, the Wolfpack stands as a beacon of athletic prowess within the collegiate landscape, upholding a tradition of competitive spirit and excellence in the Atlantic Coast Conference.

What is North Carolina State Wolfpack?
North Carolina State Wolfpack is the name of an athletic program fro. The University of North Carolina, USA. The program, competing in the First Division of NCAA, consists of 23 men’s and women’s sports teams, which is really a lot. The teams represent such disciplines as Gold, Basketball, Cross Country, Wrestling, Volleyball, and many others.


North Carolina State Wolfpack Logo-1972
The very first logo for North Carolina State Wolfpack was created in 1972 and featured a caricature of a walking wolf wearing a red jersey with an “NCS” monogram in red and white and a red and black cap with the “NC State” lettering written in it in white geometric capitals. It was a fun yet powerful and memorable emblem, which stayed with them for almost three decades.


North Carolina State Wolfpack Logo-2000
The redesign of 2000 kept the red, black, and white color palette, but completely simplified the logo to just a geometric “NCS” monogram, where the small “N” and “C” were placed vertically over the bold enlarged “S”, set on a black background. This emblem looked more modern and confident, evoking a sense of dangerous competition.

2006 – Today

North Carolina State Wolfpack Logo
In 2006 the logo was changed again. And the only change of this year was the color palette of the monogram, as the composition and the contours of the letters remained almost the same. The “N” and “C” got their lines a bit shortened and bold ended, but not very significant. As for the colors — the dark, close to burgundy red shade was replaced by a scarlet tone, looking like a blood red, and evoking a sense of victory and energy.

North Carolina State Wolfpack Colors

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