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Nioxin is a company that produces cosmetic and healing solutions, largely for hair. Their products include a wide variety of shampoos, conditioners, supplements, gels and other remedies. A lot of these help slow the hair loss, but there are also plenty of purely cosmetic solutions.

Meaning and history

Nioxin was established in еру 1980s as a brand of haircare. Initially, it was meant to be the brand of products for women that have hair loss issues. Later, the list of products grew, and now the brand offers various shampoos, creams, sprays both for men and women.

1987 – today

Nioxin Logo

The simplicity of the Nioxin logo makes it pretty easy to reproduce. Also, it is perfectly legible. The logo depicts just the brand name and inscription ‘Research Laboratories, Inc’ below. Both the name and inscription have a white elegant serif typeface. The whole logo is placed on a black background.