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The Turkish cosmetic brand Farmasi offers a wide range of products for 500 million consumers with more than 2000 products: face and body care products, decorative cosmetics, toothpaste, wet wipes, detergents, and baby care products. The composition of care cosmetics includes natural ingredients: various nourishing oils containing a huge number of useful substances, plant extracts, vitamins, and minerals.

Meaning and history

The success story of the Farmasi brand started in the middle of the last century with the founding of the company by Dr. Cevdet Tuna. Since then, Farmasi has been one of the leading, reliable, and fast-growing export companies in Turkey.

Farmasi started its history back in 1950 with the foundation of TAN Health by Dr. Cevdet Tuna. The company specializes in the production of raw materials and medicines for the health sector in Turkey. And that is why the modern products manufactured by Farmasi have a therapeutic effect and belong to the section of cosmeceuticals. In the late 1990s and early 2000s, the company completely reoriented its production towards cosmetics and perfumes.

In 2010, the Farmasi brand decided to develop in the field of direct sales. And already in 2016, there was an active growth in the realization of goods thanks to the method of direct sales. Then the products entered the market in 16 countries, and in 2017 – there were another 24 new countries. Today, Farmasi products are supplied to 125 countries. The brand is quite famous in Turkey and has an international presence in many countries including Europe, Asia, North America, and Africa.

Currently, the Farmasi brand has 5 factories. They produce skin care products, perfumes, decorative and children’s care cosmetics. There are 2000 positions in total. They combine innovative technology, scientific research, and natural ingredients.

Today the list of Farmasi products includes more than 2000 items, such as skin care products, hair care products, decorative cosmetics and perfumes, therapeutic products developed by Dr Tuna, household chemicals and children’s cosmetics, and personal hygiene products.

Farmasi’s history shows its continuous development and growth in the market of cosmetic products and its presence in many countries around the world.

What is Farmasi?
Farmasi is the name of a Turkish decorative cosmetics and luxury skin care product. Thanks to their innovative formulas, excellent quality, and favorable prices, Farmasi cosmetics have already gained popularity in many countries around the world. The products are manufactured in the company’s pharmaceutical plant and all cosmetic product formulas are proprietary.

In terms of visual identity, Farmasi is both feminine and sharp. The emblem of the brand is all about softness and tenderness, while the lettering features straight lines and distinctive cuts, creating an interesting balance.

1950 – Today

Farmasi Logo

The Farmasi logo is composed of two elements — the emblem and the wordmark — which can be placed whether in one line, or one above another. The emblem of the brand is made up of two stylized petals in a tender peach-pink shade, with a little cut-out on the right petal. As for the lettering, it can be seen in gray or black and is executed in a custom sans-serif typeface with shortened and sharpened horizontal bars of the “A”s, resembling rose thorns.

Font and color

Farmasi Emblem

The uppercase lettering from the primary Farmasi logo is set in a custom sans-serif typeface with some unique designer elements. The font, used as the basis for this logotype, looks similar to such commercial types as Futurareg Maxi, or LTC Twentieth Centurytrade, but with modified bars of both letters “A” and a cool shape of the “I”.

As for the color palette of the Farmasi visual identity, it is based on a smooth and tender combination of peachy pink and gray, which looks very elegant and feminine and evokes a sense of caress and finesse.