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Over its more than 115-year history, the logo of the French cosmetics brand Garnier has been growing more meaningful.

Meaning and history

Garnier Logo history


Garnier Logo-1904

The original Garnier logo was pretty cluttered and not very legible. In addition to the name of the brand in a very thin type, there was the lettering “Laboratories Paris” in tiny letters.


Garnier Logo-1996

The type grew bolder and better legible, although the word “Paris” was still impossible to make out at smaller sizes.

Logo Garnier


Garnier Logo-2002

The company dropped the word “Paris” and opted for a lighter but larger type. The wordmark could be given not only in black but also in gray. You could see three roundels (green, yellow, and pink), each with a meaningful image inside.


Garnier Logo

The green circle featuring a leaf pattern has grown larger and moved behind the wordmark.

Font and color

The light and elegant Garnier logotype evoke a sense of confidence and expertise with its extended clean Sans-serif letters, and the “E” is the only lowercase one, among all caps. The custom typeface of the Garnier wordmark was designed exclusively for the brand but looks pretty similar to such traditional fonts as Heading Pro Ultra Wide Regular and Europa Grotesk SB Extd, but with some lines and contours modified.

The green color palette of the Garnier logo is based on a dark shade for the lettering, and light gradient tones for its leaf-emblem. The combination of different shades of green makes the logo delightful and memorable and reflects the brand’s focus on natural ingredients, the value of health, and high quality.