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NYX Professional Makeup was established in Los Angeles in 1999. The cosmetics brand got its name after Nyx, the Greek goddess of the night.

Meaning and history

The NYX logo can be given in several versions. The simplest wordmark features the word “NYX” in capital letters. The glyphs have a distinctive look due to the unusual curves. For instance, both the upper and the lower halves of the “X” are formed by two identical semi-circles. The same semi-circle is used as the upper half of the “Y,” while the curve replacing the diagonal bar of the “N” echoes the shape, too.

Logo NYX

In the full version of the logo, you can see a small white heart below the “Y.” There is also the tagline “Professional makeup.”

Font and color

The delicate yet strong and progressive NYX cosmetics logo is based on a black and white badge with two lines of lettering, but more often it is just one line with the brand’s name, written in bold white symbols on a black background. The custom NYX inscription is executed in a designed sans-serif typeface with arched lines. It was created exclusively for the brand but has some resemblance with Semiramis font.

As for the “Professional Makeup” tagline, written in the uppercase under the main logotype, it is written in a more elegant and traditional font, close to Optima Std Medium.

The black and white color palette is a perfect choice for the cosmetic company, as brilliantly accompanied all the creative colors of the label’s products. It also looks great on all kinds of packaging, being a timeless and sophisticated combination.

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