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Aesop is the name of a famous cosmetic brand from Australia, which was established in 1987 and today is distributed across the globe having thousands of fans, due to its progressive approach to design and high quality of ingredients used in their products.

Meaning and history

Aesop is a brand with its own philosophy and values. It is based on the principle of “intelligent beauty”, which can be seen not only in the products themselves but in the packaging and visual identity of the label, which follows the minimalistic trends, reflecting the famous Japanese Wabi-Sabi aesthetics.

The logo, created for Aesop, is composed of a simple wordmark, where the letter “E” is the star. Written as “ē”, it is the most recognizable element of the visual identity and in this simple touch, there is almost all the brand wanted to say about itself.

The wordmark in the title case is written in an elegant typeface with slightly arched ends of the letters and enough space between the symbols, which makes the whole inscription look balanced and light.

When placed on the product packaging, the logo is usually accompanied by a text, set in a monochrome palette, where white lettering on a black background alternates with black descriptions of the ingredients and effects.

Font and color

Aesop logo

The Aesop logotype is executed in a bold yet delicate and neat sans-serif typeface, which is very similar to Optima Std Medium and Mitra Light Fonts, but with unique arched edges of the letter lines, which makes the whole inscription different from everything else in the market.

As for the color palette, everything is calm and classy here. The brand uses mono-chrome, as its main combination, but the black logotype can also be placed on a light-beige background, which looks warm and tender, resembling a cream and evoking a sense of luxury touch.

When placed on the packaging, the background’s colors may vary, but usually use the calm earthy shades, to represent the natural beauty and organic ingredients.

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