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OPI is an American nail and hand-care brand, which was founded in 1981. Today the company is one of the most renowned manufacturers of nail polish, which are used in beauty salons all over the world.

Meaning and history

The name of the brand, OPI, is an abbreviation of Odontorium Products Inc, which was the original name of the company, while its profile was a dental-care. The brand changed its focus, but kept the name, simply shortening it.

The OPI visual identity is an example of laconic and minimalist design, which is the best choice for the brand, producing nail polish of all the possible colors.

OPI Logo

The OPI wordmark in all capital letters is executed in a strong classic serif typeface with straight bold lines. The lettering is widely spaced and featured two solid dots — one between “O” and “P” and the other one between “P” and “I”.

The black and white color palette of the OPI logo only adds elegance and style. The brand uses two versions of the color scheme — white wordmark on a black background and a more traditional black inscription placed on white.

The OPI logo is simple yet powerful and instantly recognizable. It looks perfect on the polish bottles, on the carton packaging, and on the brand’s website. Modest, modern and strong.