Nightwish Logo

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Nightwish is a Finnish band, performing symphonic metal style. It was created in 1996 in Kitee. The band earned its popularity after the release in 1997 of its album, “Angels Fall First”.

Meaning and history

Nightwish Logo

Nightwish music style is symphonic metal, and the logo of the band is a brilliant reflection of what it performs.

It is composed of the elegant wordmark which is sometimes accompanied by tattoo-style graphics.

The wordmark is executed in a sophisticated script font, which is similar to Shelly Volante Script, created by Matthew Carter and representing the handwriting of a famous British author, George Shelley.

Nightwish emblem

The metallic gray color of the lettering is usually complimented by a black or white background, which makes the logo look more classic and elegant.

It is an example of a timeless visual identity, which reflects the meaning and style of everything the band does. It is simple yet strong, modest yet energetic.

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