We Compost: Composting for everyone

Launched in 2009, We Compost is a company from Auckland, New Zealand, providing a food waste collection service. Each week, it collects more than 50 tonnes of organic waste from health care institutions, schools, hotels and restaurants. Advocating for cleaning environment and recycling waste, the company aims to promote the ideas of sustainability and eco-friendliness. This goal is also contributed by We Compost’s new brand identity.

The central element of the We Compost look is an earthworm. This animal was chosen as the company’s symbol for its ability to digest a wide range of organic matter that helps fertilize soil, and thus, it symbolizes waste recycling and a respectful relationship to nature. The brand identity, based on the earthworm, was created by Seachange, an Auckland-based design studio. Its playful style is oriented towards adults and children, and addressed to all the households of New Zealand for whom composting can turn into a cheerful game.

Involving a proper image, the earthworm theme can be seen in all the visuals including the typography with “earthworm” letters, creating a brand consistence. These patterns are connected with short and playful key phrases encouraging people to use composting in daily life.
And, of course, the Jungle Green brand color complements the sustainable impact. It reminds of green trees, apples, cabbages and spinach. Seachange’s message here is that the composted food waste can start a new circle of green life.