Joget Inc. rolls out a new logo for its next-gen application platform

Joget Inc. is a company developing an open source workflow application platform. Launched as a project on, it has eventually evolved into a serious business. Having moved to Columbia, Maryland, in 2014, the company started a new chapter in its history. Offering its flagman application development platform Joget Workflow, which has been downloaded over 200,000 times, Joget Inc. created a community of more than 10,000 members.

With business model transformation and new workflow digital solutions, Joget has recently presented a new logo that reflects the company’s growth and pays a tribute to its Malaysian origins. As Joget itself was named after a traditional Malay dance, its updated emblem features a hand representing one of the typical gestures in the Joget dance. It symbolizes openness and benevolence, and also, while refering to the dance’s synchronous movements, a timely response to the requirements of contemporary business.
Apart from the changing of the visual identity, Joget is going to rebrand its flagman application platform. Starting from 2020, the company will be releasing it under the name Joget DX, and this is a reflection of the completely new technical solutions implemented in the platform.
As Raveesh Dewan, Joget’s chief executive officer, said, the visual and technical transformation of the company has been made possible thanks to the significant support of its partners and customers, and Joget DX is a confirmation that the company is able to move on.