Waterloo Siskins change their look

Founded in 1937, the Siskins, based in Waterloo, Ontario, are considered as one of oldest junior hockey teams in Canada. With winning the 2019 Sutherland Cup, the team seem to come back to the top positions of the Greater Ontario Junior Hockey League. Recently, the Waterloo Siskins have rebranded themselves as the Kitchener-Waterloo Siskins.

Waterloo, the team’s home town, is adjacent to the city of Kitchener, and both of them are often referred as “KW” or “Twin Cities”. Until recently, Kitchener had its own junior hockey team called the Dutchmen that, however, eventually moved to the neighboring town of Ayr and were renamed to the Centennials. So, the Siskins appeared to be the only hockey team in KW, and this fact gave them the right to add “Kitchener” to their name.
The new look of the KW Siskins also includes a new logo. It represents a roundel in black and yellow (the team’s traditional colors) with “Waterloo Kitchener” on top and bottom as well as the centered handwritten inscription “Siskins” – the same lettering against the background of a big yellow “W” was in the previous Siskins logo. With it, the rivets on the yellow field are a nod to an aerobatic squadron of the Royal Canadian Air Forces that was called the Siskins as well.
As Curtis Clairmont, the club’s general manager, said, the emblem was selected from a number of proposed variants as the team wanted a new symbol to keep the Siskins heritage while expressing the idea of renovation.

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